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Our Design and Management package is aimed at the self build market. We take care of the paperwork to leave you free to concentrate on the build.

We offer an attractive option for people that don’t have time themselves to manage the project paperwork on a daily basis, for people who can simply afford to do things this way or you might prefer this method if you’re not confident in your Spanish language skills or technical abilities to oversee everything.

Finally don’t rule out Design and Management if you’re looking for flexibility – we offer you the opportunity to work with an in-house design team on bespoke creations. Similar to our Design and Build contracts we will work with you on the design and development of the project. We take care of the building project development and approvals, legal issues, licences, insurances and plan and manage the construction phase. After the property is completed we will obtain the occupation licence and to register the property. Where this package differs from our Design and Build contract is that you decide on how much of the construction you wish to take on yourself or you could appoint your own builders for either a part of, or the entire project.

Choosing the best package to suit you – Design and Build or Design and Management

Turnkey Design and Build Package

If you’d rather steer clear of the nitty gritty and leave most of the work up to the professionals, if you are looking fixed price solution, or you would prefer the shortest design and build timeframe then a Blue Flag Homes Design and Build contract is your best bet.

Design and Management Package

If you prefer to be more involved in the day to day construction of the project then our “Choose Your Own Builder” is the package designed for you.

While any builder you employ directly will make money on costs for materials and variations, and this may account for 15 per cent of the total build, we work for a set fee and our extensive professional experience and local knowledge provides us with a good nose for securing budget-friendly deals with reliable tradesmen and materials suppliers. Additionally through our Design and Management package you will find that it’s easier to stick to schedules and as labour can account for a massive chunk of your costs it stands to reason that running on time will be a huge benefit to your budget.