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Many of our clients come to us with their own ideas.

For some people, their dream home has to be just that – a dream – a bespoke designed, luxury home - with you, your family and lifestyle squarely in mind.

A number of our clients come to us with their own sketches or plans and ask us to prepare a bespoke home based on their ideas. It is an approach that has all the benefits of using an independent Designer or Architect, but with a number of notable advantages.

You still get to work with an experienced Designer and Architect. However, you will also have a complete team of engineers and construction managers with practical job site experience working for you. This brings together design and engineering skills with practical construction experience, experience that is essential to accurately cost the project and manage the budgets during the design stage. As well as the home design we also offer interior design services and garden design services.

On completion of the final design, a fixed-price construction contract is offered. There is no obligation to build with BFH however, by entering into a building contract with us a seamless transition from design to engineering development to the construction phase is ensured and established relationships are maintained and developed all the way through to completion.

Our approach to bespoke home design makes the process faster, more effective and more enjoyable for clients. If our design clients do choose to build with us we offer a fixed price contract to ensure that the client does not have to worry about budget overruns and unexpected costs.

Talk to us and find out more about our design service and fees.