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Our energy efficient homes allow you to reduce the amount of energy you use and lower your cost of living.

When we design a new home we calculate the energy efficiency rating before we submit the plans for approval.

The energy efficiency rating will show how energy-efficient your new home will be.

After each new home is completed an independent registered assessor will inspect the energy-related features of your home, such as the insulation levels, window sealing efficiency, heating and cooling systems, and air leakage. After the inspection, the assessor will provide you with a report that includes the home's energy rating and an estimate of annual energy use and costs.

Blue Flag Homes can also recommend energy efficient upgrades, estimate the upfront costs and calculate the potential annual savings and payback (the time it takes the improvements’ savings to equal their cost).

From the layout of the rooms to the position of the windows, and with cavity wall insulation and solar water systems as standard, we are here to help you build a more energy efficient home by design.